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Problem to connect BONITASOFT with sql 2008

Hello community appreciated I hope I have that problem can help me not have to do and looked for another meeting but not much ... or will I'm looking bad ...

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Problema al concetar bonita con sql 2008

Hola apreciada comunidad tengo ese problema espero me puedan ayudar no se que tengo que hacer e buscado otro pero no encuentro mucho... o sera que estoy buscando mal...


Add Connector

Why is the tab Connectors in General not visible for me, i want to add a webservice connector to a task but it is not possible because i am not able to add one??

Tomcat server won't start

Hello, I need some help.
I would like to connect to a Oracle Database with bonita bpm Community.

What I did was this:

I followed these steps:
--> set DB_OPTS="-Dsysprop.bonita.db.vendor=oracle" to oracle in the setenv.sh
--> was commenting out

in the server.xml
--> commenting this out :

How to port PDF Template Stamper connector to Bonita 7.1?


I am looking for a way to create a PDF form the Business data in a task. The PDF Template Stamper connector seems to do the job, but I need it for Bonita7x. Can anyone help me to port it? Or maybe a way to implement jsPDF HTML5 js library into a widget.