It is possible to develop connectors to any information system or webservice. E.g: Database, API, ERP, CRM, ...

groovy conectors, problem accesing bdm data

Greetings, Im having troubles with the bonita MicrosoftSQL server2008 conector. I need to make a query that depends on the data stored on the bdm. The exact problem is I can't access the bdm data from the groovy script witch is creating th query

thanks a lot for the help


No graphic mode for Oracle connector

I am trying to connect to an Oracle 11G database using the wizard.

When I get to the mode step the graphic mode is greyed out:

How I can use the output of a custom connector to set the initial value of a variable that can be displayed in the UI?

I have tried to assign the output to a process variable (a text I get from a external syste) but I am not able to show this value into a widget.

Is there a way I can do this using the community edition?

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Set web service to use with the connector


I have created a web service in .asmx format and now need to use it in BonitaSoft, I'm using version 7.

How do I configure the SOAP connector to access the web service.

I tried a configuration but i got the following error message:

Variable in DB Connector

Hello I'm trying to pass a whole sql string into the connector.

For example i have the var SQLSTRING

then in the connector i only write ${SQLSTRING}

when i try to test the connector the following message appears

"Type of expression not admitted for test:
-Entry parameter ´script' is using an expression that contains an unreachable reference"

why is this happening?


How can I query 2 different tables and get the result in 2 different result sets using 1 connector


I want to know if it is possible to use only one connector in order to execute 2 or more different select querys and store the returned values in differents resultsets.

And also if it is possible how to do it


7.1 - Access connectors dynamically on multi-page forms

I am working with Bonita BPM 7.1, starting to build multi-page forms. It looks like the database connector functionality provides what I need in terms of querying an external database. However, I need to access the connector dynamically within the page. For example, first page-> Select person last Name, second page -> display list of matching people with selection. So between these steps I need to execute a parameterized query to the database. I can build a connector-in, but it always runs before the form.

Failed Using Gmail Connector

I am using BonitaSoft 7.0.2
When I try to test Gmail connector I have this error:

Pasar datos de una base de datos externas a un form

Recién estoy empezando a utilizar Bonita 7, y me gustaría ver un ejemplo de cómo usar un conector para conectarme a una base de datos (sql server, mysql... etc) y poder pasar información de dicha base de datos a un form.

Creating an API connector to pull web data

Using Bonitasoft 7 community edition. Using Yahoo yql, to get a Yahoo finance API.

I have created API calls in forms to get data from Yahoo.However I need to create a call for the same information within the process.

This seemed like viable option however I have been unable to get it to integrate with Bonita 7

I have been getting the error,