It is possible to develop connectors to any information system or webservice. E.g: Database, API, ERP, CRM, ...

Failed Using Gmail Connector

I am using BonitaSoft 7.0.2
When I try to test Gmail connector I have this error:

Pasar datos de una base de datos externas a un form

Recién estoy empezando a utilizar Bonita 7, y me gustaría ver un ejemplo de cómo usar un conector para conectarme a una base de datos (sql server, mysql... etc) y poder pasar información de dicha base de datos a un form.

Creating an API connector to pull web data

Using Bonitasoft 7 community edition. Using Yahoo yql, to get a Yahoo finance API.

I have created API calls in forms to get data from Yahoo.However I need to create a call for the same information within the process.

This seemed like viable option however I have been unable to get it to integrate with Bonita 7

I have been getting the error,

BPM7 - How to pass variable in business model instance to a database connector

Update: See my last comment to skip to part of the answer.

I have tried many ways of doing this but not able to find any documentation or videos out there. Maybe the new version is to need.

How do we pass data contained in our process instance of a business model to the connector (Postgresql) SQL query? I have tried several ways without any success:

Trigger a connector when deadline is reached


I'm trying to implement notifications for the overdue tasks in Bonita Bpm 6.5.2 Community and I would like to know if it's possible to trigger a connector when a task reaches its deadline and how can I do it, I only found related documentation on version 5.x and seems to be different now




JDBC Datasource connector to Insert into a database with a prepared statement

Author : Frederic KREBS

Bonita BPM version : 6.5.3

Example works with

  • Postgresql
  • Bonita BPM 6.5.3

Example installation

debug connector code

Hi what is the suggested way to debug connector code to minimize roundtrip times ? I see 3 scenarios - use engine api and deploy connector code via the BusinessArchiveBuilder Q: Will the so deployed connector code be debuggable when you start the Engine in debug mode from an IDE ? - launch the portal through tomcat or openEJB within the IDE in debug mode - remote debugging with application server

Of course I have unit tests for the business logic, but during integration and while exploring Bonita a debug facility save a lot of time Thanks for any suggestions Donat

Google calendar Connector (API v3)


I'm trying the google calendar connector (API v3) for getting an event, and I'm following the Bonita documentation ( calendar api v3 ), however I'm having some problems. When I try 'configure client in your domain', the Google admin console doesn't allow me to access. I see a page that says I'm not logged in.

Please, I need some help. Thanks in advance and regards.

Trying to send a mail


I'm trying to send a mail, with mi gmail address, to another gmail addres. I'm testing first the connector for sending mails and I'm using the following data:

SMTP Host: SMTP Port: 465 Security: SSL -> checked STARTTLS -> not checked Authentication: Username: Password: the password of the gmail address above

Then I click 'next', and continue: