It is possible to develop connectors to any information system or webservice. E.g: Database, API, ERP, CRM, ...

Accessing cache in Connector class


I need to implement a "Connector" class that will talk with the ERP system. An API of this system require that for all threads you only once login into the system. This force me to remember if any connector has login and if so, to skip it (and uses data stored in some kind of cache). Is there any way of storing(retrieving) something in (from) cache from Connector code?

I will appreciate for any help (it would be super nice to have some code snippet).


Bonita MySQL Insert Statement

Hi @all,

i am connected to a mysql database and want to make an insert statement via the mysql connector. For the query i am using the query window of the mysql connector configuration. My query looks like this: INSERT INTO table (test, test2, test3, test4) VALUES ('${var}', NULL, NULL, ${var});

E-mail connector failure in Bonita 6.4.0.


I'm trying to make a process where that after rejection of the request Initiator of the process receives e-mail information about the result. I am using Bonita Community 6.4.0. I defined:

SMTP Host: SMTP Port: 465 Security: SSL

Username: Password: *****

From: To: return BonitaUsers.getUserProfessionalContactInfo(apiAccessor, BonitaUsers.getProcessInstanceInitiator(apiAccessor, processInstanceId).getId()).getEmail();

Bonita says apiAccessor is undefined

In my diagram I have several connectors where I call apiAccessor, on personal tasks, but in one of them I get this error:

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MongoDB connectors for Bonita BPM


Bonita Connectors:

Sample Bonita processes:

  • Mongo Connectors Test - Test processes that allows to test the connectors
  • Mongo Store - A sample use case of business processes using MongoDB

How do I use a connector on a button?

Hi there,

Bonita Studio 6.3.7, Java, Windows 8.1

I have need to execute a connector on a button on a form how do I do this?

For example, I have a form with a table of documents, for each document I have a Download Button. On the button I want to execute a connector to download the document from the Document Management System.

many thanks in advance,

regards Seán

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Bonita connector that publishes a MQTT (machine-to-machine connectivity protocol) message.

Checkout the deliverables from the project page:

Upload document to Alfresco via AlfrescoRestClient in Groovy not working...?

Hello Everybody,

I have put a few documents in a list and these documents I want to upload to Alfresco.

This is the code I made:

Drools connector


There was a drools connector in Bonita 5.X. Is that a drools connector for Bonita 6.X ?

I find some sources here : but I don't know if I can use this to create a new drools connector.

Thanks in advance.