It is possible to develop connectors to any information system or webservice. E.g: Database, API, ERP, CRM, ...

HELP-HELP/Enregistrer un document dans Alfresco4.2 (Bonita 6.2.6)


j'essaie d'enregistrer (uploader) un document dans Alfresco ; j'utilise le connecteur mis à disposition dans Bonita 6.2.6 Community.

Dans un formulaire j'ai défini ma donnée "document", dans laquelle j'associe le fichier "essai2.docx", ce document doit être enregistré dans le répertoire Alfresco "Espaces Utilisateurs" ; j'ai donc paramétré les variables du connecteur comme suit :

extend a bonita connector

Hello I want to add some code to one of the bonita connectors. What steps should I follow? Thanks in advance.

how to connect and write on db using groovy connector

i create one connector (groovy)

and use following code

import groovy.sql.Sql; import java.sql.Driver;

import groovy.sql.Sql sql = Sql.newInstance("jdbc:oracle:thin:@", "apps", "spider123", "oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource") sql.execute( """INSERT INTO XX_HOTEL (NAME,ADDRESS) VALUES(?, ?)""", [test,test])

How to give hint in input while making new custom connector

I create new custom connector for write into external database

i take input from user

username :

password :

db_connectiion string :

in this db connection string field (text-field) i want to give hint to user / initial value

how can i do that

Connector BonitaSoft Xwiki

I'm trying to put the BonitaSoft communicating with xwiki but this time I'm not able to configure the "Wiki settings".

Mostly Metadata
Name Space
Page Name
class Name
propertie name

Can anyone help me in this problem?

Version 5.6

How can I assign a "select [value] from [db_table]" value to a single variable?

I'm trying the new database connector, and I'm using an Oracle DataBase, and I want to assign a single value into a Bonita's defined value (int, bool) and when I do it, the process stops to work. When I retrieve a list of values and I assign it to an Array List, I don't have any problem, but when I want to work with single values, I can't do that, please help me.

PD: Sorry for my English

SMTP Connector to Exchange Issue


I am new to bonita and attempting to set up some simple test processes. I am having difficulty configuring the SMTP connector to send out a test mail.

I have connectivity to the mail server and have opened all necessary ports from my machine and on the server. i can ping and telnet to the exchange server as well as send a mail through telnet.

I have set up the connector using the connector Email (SMTP) (1.0.0) -- Send an email using SMTP (RFC 5321) but when I try to sent the test I get the error:

How to build connector sources with maven ?


Excuse my newbiness with that tools, but I've just cloned a Connector from your github alibaba cavern and tried to build it with Maven as i was looking for a little bit of fun before I go home.

It seems i'm missing a fragment in my maven settings. May it be the repository fragment ?

What I get when i mvn install:install is

Firebird SGDB Connector


someone already used the jaybird to connect to Firebird DBMS? or used some other driver?

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Trello Application Example has been designed to show on the Community blog how to design a connector and handle data you get from it. The blog serie with full details is available here:

A short resume of what you will find in this example: