It is possible to develop connectors to any information system or webservice. E.g: Database, API, ERP, CRM, ...

How to build connector sources with maven ?


Excuse my newbiness with that tools, but I've just cloned a Connector from your github alibaba cavern and tried to build it with Maven as i was looking for a little bit of fun before I go home.

It seems i'm missing a fragment in my maven settings. May it be the repository fragment ?

What I get when i mvn install:install is

Firebird SGDB Connector


someone already used the jaybird to connect to Firebird DBMS? or used some other driver?

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Trello Application Example has been designed to show on the Community blog how to design a connector and handle data you get from it. The blog serie with full details is available here:

A short resume of what you will find in this example:

Bonita Connector "Get document" Exception


I am using Bonita Studio - Community Edition version 5.8 and have been trying to use the Bonita Connector - "Get document".

These are the steps that I have made:

1. I set the DocumentUUID that is required (stored in a database)
2. I set the Destination Variable to a global variable named "myDocument" which is an attachment data type

Using a SOAP Web Service Connector through proxy

Hello Community,

I do not succeed in consuming a SOAP Webservice from Bonita Studio through a proxy. Even though I set the proxy-settings correctly in Bonita Studio and system-wide, I always get the error: Exception trying to call remote webservice

At home (without any proxy) I am able to consume the webservice correctly. That´s why I know that the Web Service connector is correctly configured. At work, I get the mentioned error. I changed proxy settings in Bonita Sutdio to manual and added the correspondent url. But the mentioned error still occured.

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This connector allows to invoke EJB services (v3.0) from Bonita processes. It is simple to configure, you just have to indicate JNDI name of EJB and the method name to invoke.


  • If you want to change the server where the EJBs are deployed, you must change the file that is located in the .jar file