Container : mandatory attribute


On my forms, I have some list with attribute who are marked as mandatory in my Business Data Model. My users have to fill the list by himself (for example, a list of item to buy (the number of elements can be dynamic, that's why I use container)).

When i create a container who will contain the mandatory list, the user can submit the form without fill a single element of my list.

That's because the mandatory attribute only appear when my users add the first element of the list on the container.

You can see what i'm trying to explain here :

Change port on Docker Bonita Container

Hi Follow this thread, how can put the Bonita container to work in another tcp port, have a LMS working with the 80, 8080 ports....

This works? have 81 8081 open in FW.

docker run --name bonita -d -p 8081:8081 bonita

Thanks in advance

adding default container container to a custom widget

Greetings, I need a tabs container that can hide some tabs, Bonita's tab container widget hasn't so I made a simple
tabs function
Now I need to add the containers to this tabs, I found some Bonita code on git ( )
but I don't know how to add it, so i need some help with that


Creating a 'Read-Only' Container

Bonitasoft 7 Community Edition.
UI Designer.

I am trying to build out a lengthy form. This form is initially filled out by one user and then passed to other users who will have access to edit a select number of inputs and fields based on their group IDs. While I can set each widget to be dependent on that variable, I would prefer to be able to organize the form into relevant containers and set each container to be 'Read Only' under certain conditions.

Is there a way, or a work around to set container widgets with 'Read Only'?

Thank you

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Webapp to read and download log file of the Bonitasoft plateform

This app will enable tech user to get the container logs without using a file system access

Configure * Remove dev context files : webapp/logs/META-INF/ and * Edit the authorized user/password in webapp/logs/META-INF/users.xml * Edit the context.xml * Edit the param-value of the logsDirectory context-param to point to your container log folder

Deploy * Copy the webapp/logs folder into your container folder

Releases for Log Web Interface

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02.07.00 6.x, 5.x 2015-Jun-12 Download
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