usertask contract returns empty arrays

I've called '/API/bpm/userTask//contract' and it returned :
"inputs": [],
"constraints": []
but the task has many input fields in the view.
why the response is like that and what does this api must return?

How to fetch the contracts and BDM operations for each task using REST API

Due to an unfortunate Incident, My work Laptop crashed and now I am unable to retrieve any Data.
It contained all my Development work related to Bonita BPM.

Now I have to recreate all the Processes.

I was wondering is there any way I can fetch all the details of all the tasks.
I am trying to fetch the contracts of each task and the BDM Operations defined for each task.

To delete

Error : wrong account used :)

(solved) Initialize Business variable using process variable value

can i initialize a property of a business varible using the value of a process valiable?

The above code in the groovy script throws the exception "No contract data found named: aProcessVar"
def myvar = new myBusinessObj()
myvar.aBusinessVar = apiAccessor.getProcessAPI()
.getProcessInputValueAfterInitialization(processInstanceId, "aProcessVar");
return myvar

Also on a connector (input or output) i cannot update the value of a variable:

Bonita 7 / Read pool contract data

I created a contract in the form at the pool level, so it is shown when a process is started.
Now I need to access and read that input but there is no "Operations" at pool level.
Is there a way to map (or read) a contract associated to the initial (pool) form with a variable (BDM, pool variable, process variable... it doesn't matter)?

Thanks in advance.

Display contract failed constraints

When a user submit a form with complex contract constraints and one of those contraint is not valid, we get a org.bonitasoft.engine.bpm.contract.ContractViolationException

The message associated with this exception is Exception while validating constraints and we also get an empty explanations array.

Is there a way to get the list of failed contraints? Also I believe the error message used to contain the error message associated with the failed constraint but my last tests (Bonita Community 7.3.3 and 7.2.3) does not show them.

business variables do not retrieve the values from the formOutput

I use several business variables to store values chosen by user interaction from UI forms.
After each task I want to use a business variable to store the user selection for a certain type and at the end of the process the last form is supposed to display the selected data from each tasks.

passing contract values to process from Java app.

I'm trying to start a process from a java program, but stumped on how I can pass the contract values over. The following code fails with

"Error while validating expected inputs: [Expected input [inputForm] is missing]"

But as you can see, the "inputForm" is indeed provided in the code.

Any thoughts oh wise ones?

Thanks again


[ Solved] Contract violation, Date Null

Good morning,

I asked this question on the French bonita forum but with no answer, I try now with the English community, forgive my English please :d.

I use a form to recover some data and a deadline date that the user CAN indicate.

This date is not mandatory, the datepicker is displayed only if a radio button is selected.

The problem now is that that the DatePicker widget starts by default on the current date, the variable "deadline" is instantiated by default to null in the Input JSON. Now, if no date is specified by the user, an error message appears: