[Résolu] Violation de contrat Date Null


J'utilise un formulaire me permettant de récupérer plusieurs données dont une date d'échéance que l'utilisateur doit indiquer.

Cette date d'échéance n'est pas obligatoire, elle n'est à entrer seulement si un bouton radio est coché, le datepicker est donc parfois non affiché.

Le problème maintenant est que afin que le widget DatePicker démarre par défaut sur la date du jour, la variable "echeance" est instanciée par défaut à null. Maintenant, si aucune date n'est indiquée par l'utilisateur, un message d'erreur apparait :

How execute a (human) task with contract defined input values using the java API ?


I'm looking at the java API documentation, and I have not found any way to execute a task setting its contract inputs values at the same time ?

The goal is to design processes with human tasks, using the contract variables to define what should be user's input, but execute them from external systems (exposing web services in our case).

What is the best design for that ?

Thanks for your help.


Issues to create a contract on Bonita BPM 7.1.0 documentation.

I am studying the Bonita BPM 7.1.0 documentation by following the tutorial to understand how to create new applications Workflow. Even would like to congratulate once again all staff BonitaSoft, I get more and more excited about the tool. During these studies, I found a part of the documentation that may have been a little misunderstanding.

How to update form created in UI designer when Contract changed


I use Bonitasoft 7 Community Edition and UI Designer.

I have a human task and I created Contract and form in UI Designer. Later I changed (or added) variable in Contract. Is it possible to update form automatically? Or how can I add new widget for any variable from Contract.

How can I format Labels in UI Designer? How can I set color, font, size, ... for Label without using CSS? (Html tags did not work for Labels).

Note: An "Undo" button will be useful in UI Designer :)

Thank you!

A FILE object defined in the contract is always madatory? Bonita 7.0.2

I am testing this process to upload and download files. I have set the mandatory property of upload widget to false.
When I throw the process, if I do not select a file in "Step Upload" and click "submit" the process does not continue to the next task and this message catalina log: