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Form input does not change

Hello. I am trying to create app for creating and modifying business vars (something like simple registry) and i have problem with modifying data in inputs.

I have 2 processes - first for creating, second for modifying business vars.

The problem is in second one:

Javascript inside a Bonita Designer form


I have a observation.
The Scenario is that I have a custom Living app page. There I have 2 separate Lists of type multiple.
My contract is a Single list of Type multiple.

What i am doing here is Adding the values of the 2 lists together and sending it to my contract.
I am using JavaScript to perform this.
In side the custome page , it works fine.

Form Inputs with Complex Types

Version: Bonita 7.0 Java: 1.7 Operating System: Windows 7


I have built a contract with a complex type ( see below) . I have a form associated to this contract, but I'm having issues when submitting OnClick event. I think its because of the nested structure. The displays on the form correctly so it looks like I'm grabbing the element and I'm binding it correctly.

I'm just not able to Submit the object. I also see the below message in the firefox debugger.

please help