Case overview authoriation


As i understand Bonita's default behavior is to limit case overview access to users involved in the case & admins.

I followed the guide at the documentation here to override this behavior carefully, I even used the reference project mentioned there to make sure i wasn't doing anything wrong, However, Default behavior isn't affected at all, Using Bonita community v 7.9.0.

What i did:

How can I access to Custom User Information in BPM Portal?

According to the documentation after I created custom properties in BPM Studio, I should be allowed to change those properties from the Portal using a user with Administrator Profile. Nevertheless I can´t find the 'Other' section in the User Profile.

Retrieve the context from an archived case

Hi everyone,

I’m using Bonita 7.3.3, and my concern deals with a custom overview page for both active and archived cases.

I succeed on making one for an active case (when I select a task and go to the third tab), but I can’t figure it out when it comes to archived cases.

I understood that the API has to be built differently.
For the next example, “caseId”, usually an URL parameter type valued "id", is set to 49001.


hi, someone can help
i try to integrate a simple customPage write in HTML to my portal
my error message is :


my page properties files is :

Problemas al mostrar un Widget personalizado con una tabla, no muestra valores

Hola a todos,
Soy nuevo en Bonita 7.2, y estoy topando con problemas para mostrar los valores obtenidos en un Widget de tabla personalizada desde base de datos MySql, cualquier ayuda será agradecida.

I can't populate or display data from My Sql DB in a Custom Widget Table(JSON)

Hi all

I am a newbie at Bonita 7.2, struggling with displaying values, retrieved from a My SQL DB, in a custom table Widget. I need a little help, please.

Customize Portal Theme 7.2 Community

Yesterday I tried to edit the portal color from my Bonita installation within the Studio environnement.

I edited files in BonitaBPMCommunity-7.2.3\workspace\default\bonita_home\client\tenants\1\work\theme\portal and it worked well for me instantly.

I wanted to copy this folder on another installation of Bonita on another computer, but at this point, the content is refreshed and reset automaticcaly by Bonita.

Is Bonita BPM appropriate for my workflow?


I work in the IT department of an university and we're looking for a open source solution to handle multiple workflows of the organization.

Our use cases usually result in requests (created from forms) that are passed through various stages of approval/editing and generate reports/visualizations under a per-view authorization scheme. Occasionally it involves more complex logic like cross validation of data from multiple sources.

Custom javascript ondblclick on table row -> registration of selection to bonita engine

Hi Everybody,

I made a custom ondblclick on a table. When a double-click is done on the table row, the row must be selected and then the page needs to be submitted.

For now I have the following:

1: I put in the next-button a custom class named "submitButton" 2: on the table widget I put into the Options->Html attributes a onmouseover event:

onmouseover="$('tr', this).off('dblclick').dblclick(function(){ var selected = $('td', this).eq(0).text(); alert(selected); $(this).addClass('bonita_form_table_selected'); $('.submitButton').trigger( 'click' );});"