custom pages

How are the custom pages made?

I was going through the Contributions part of the community and I saw this custom page, Security Car - anti theft function, I was wondering if it was made through the Bonita Studio or if it was made in another IDE, like vs code or eclipse.

I want to know how to further customize a page. Thank you.

Can't Add a Resource Page

I cannot add an application page using "Add" button on the Resource page in Bonita Portal.

I created a Page using the UI Designer. Once I go through the process and clicked "Confirm", the webpage would refresh as if the resource has been added. However, the resource doesn't show up on the list, i.e. the Page was not added.

I have also tried to add an empty Page, it didn't work either. So I don't think there are any bugs on my Page. It seems to me that this is a Bonita bug.

Anyone had a similar situation? How to fix this?

How to add custom dashboard in Bonita-7.3.1-Tomcat bundle

I have downloaded custom dashboard example from But i don't know how to add it in bonita tomcat portal 7.3. 1. I have read the steps but i cant understand how to do it in 7.3.1 portal. how to define apps/ folder in url in profile.

I have tried few steps:

  1. Add the zip file to custom pages list.
  2. But i am not clear how to add it in profile. what is url parameter


hi, someone can help
i try to integrate a simple customPage write in HTML to my portal
my error message is :


my page properties files is :

Import custom page without using the dashboard portal

Hello everybody,

I want to install new custom page without using the dashboard portal of Bonita. I am currently developing a new custom page using html with ajax call to Bonita REST API but after every modification i should generate and upload .zip file into administration portal. You don't have any solution to install new custon pages without using the Bonita portal ?

Thank you

What is the best way to manage assets for forms and custom widgets ?


I'm writing this post to discuss asset management on forms, pages, and custom widgets. We are developing an application with a lot of complex custom widgets. These widgets rely on several angular modules and can have up to 15 javascript and css assets (some are developed by our team and some are third party libraries). Bonita offers two options : local files or external url.