custom query

How to create a custom query?


I can't find where I should write a custom query in the Expression editor of UI Designer. I only can see the 'FindBy' queries.

I use Bonitasoft 7.11.2 with H2 database.


How to write dynamic query in bonita studio bdm?

I have five filter fields in my application home page (dashboard -> where I am showing all the records from h2 DB) now I want to filter the records on these fields basis.
It may require 31 (2^5 -1) queries, some are already provided as default queries.

Isn't there a way to write a dynamic query in "custom queries" or somewhere to get the desired result at UI?

custom query - how can we fetch the set of records based on BDM type attribute in custom query ?

i have two business objects as follows

employee - name String
- eType employeeType

employeeType - name String.

custom query :- SELECT e
FROM employee e
WHERE e.eType.persistenceId = :id
ORDER BY e.persistenceId ASC

the above query is not returning any result, i am using version 7.5.2