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How to use the Rest-Api-Sql-Extension with Bonita Version 7.11.4

I have just upgraded to Bonita 7.11.4. I am trying to use the Rest-Api-Sql-Extention.
Earlier it was working with 7.3.3 . But in the new version its not working.

I have added the permission profile|User=[sqlpermission] in the
But still its not working.
Kindly suggest where else I need to add permissions
How to get the Rest-api-sql-extenstion to work in the 7.11.4 settings.


How to get a Task assigned date and Task Completed Date

Hi Community

I am trying to save the Details for each task. I need to collect 3 information for each task.
1) The date when the task was available to the group.
2) The Date when an approver has picked up the task
3) The Date when the Task was completed.

The available rest api shows the 1 and 3 Dates. not the 2 date.

Could Somebody suggest how I can proceed here.
Also is there any way to track if a user has accepted a task and then released it.
Could we use a groovy script to fetch these details and store in Database .

Login Service Rest API Could not get any response

Hello everyone.

I'm a beginner in Bonita BPM.

I trying to login using POST method with postman with username: walter.bates, password: bpm and redirect: false. But when I send the request, the response is


hi, someone can help
i try to integrate a simple customPage write in HTML to my portal
my error message is :


my page properties files is :

Custom REST API Exception


I'm trying to run this example of custom REST API, but I always get this response:

{"code":500,"contactEmail":null,"description":"The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request","homeRef":"/","reasonPhrase":"Internal Server Error","uri":""}

The catalina.log gets this exception: