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How to show message of custom validation?


I'm using Bonita Studio community version 7.8 and I'm newcomer in Angular js.

I add a new validation in a custom widget:

1. add module in "Required angular modules"

2. add js file in "Assets"

3. add attributes of module to my input

Now I wanna to show error message after input, But I don't know How do I do!

New validation works and show relevant class added to input.

How I add my message in ng-messages-include:

custom widget property not defined (undefined), how to solve?

I have an application page that uses a custom widget that receives a Javascript variable as one of its property elements.

The return of the variable javaScript occurs after processing API calls, several lines of code to confirm the response, returning a Json. When viewing the return via a text element on the page itself, I can see it perfectly. However, when defining this variable as the custom widget property, I get that the return of my JS variable is not defined, within the controller code I placed a console.log for the property and I get the "undefined".

Update property value with UI designer


I have a custom widget where I not able to update the property value.

I did a simplified version of this widget as it follows here:

Template: just a link element () with id=a (your forum is parsing html )


function ($scope) {

Integrating an Angular Module in a custom widget

Good morning, I just wanna know how to use Angular Module in a custom widget, is there any documentation or Tutorial (Other than custom widget part in the bonita documentation).

I need a live example how to build a custom widget, that shows how to integrate filters, directives ect..


Logging from UI Designer for Custom Widget

Hello. I am creating a custom widget in Bonita UI Designer and trying to log some values to a console using the console.log of AngularJs. Where can I view that data? I have seen in the documentation the UI Designer logs are found in the Studio Engine Logs but I have not been able to see any output. Or how I'm I supposed to log from the UI Designer custom widget section.