Custom Widget

adding default container container to a custom widget

Greetings, I need a tabs container that can hide some tabs, Bonita's tab container widget hasn't so I made a simple
tabs function
Now I need to add the containers to this tabs, I found some Bonita code on git ( )
but I don't know how to add it, so i need some help with that


Custom Widgets - $sce

Question 2)

We are generating HTML in some connectors that needs to be displayed on the page. Normally this is not allowed and requires special handling.

We have found the ngSanitize is depreciated and want to use $sce instead.

But $sce has to be injected into our controller, it's not available by right.

Our template looks like:

Obtaining data from a custom widget

Hi, in my main form i have an variable name "isValid" ($data.isValid) and i need to take the value from a Custom Widget, the widget is this: