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How to Use custom HTML and JavaScript To Export Data to Excel

I have BonitaSoft BPM 7.3.1 .
I have a Custom Application Page fetching Data from an API call. The Data is displayed in a tabular format.
Now I need to export the same data as an Excel Sheet.
I need to have a button to export the Data .

Custom widget to validate user input

Not really a question but I could not find a lot of information in the documentation or the existing contributed projects.

I have a form with SIREN / SIRET fields (those are identification numbers for french companies). A siren is 9 digits and a siret is 14. I could easily use standard widgets for the length but that was all.

So I created a custom widget starting with pbInput standard widget (workspace/default/web_widgets). I removed minLength, maxLength, type, min value, max value and and added an inputType property which value can be siren or siret (default: siren).

Custom Widgets???

Hi there,

We're in the process of developing some custom widgets but having a couple of issues as follows:

Looking at the Advanced Example in

Question 1)

Variable doesn't get updated if custom widget uses asynchronous call (REST)

I've built a custom widget (thanks to quentin ) that retrieves a variable from an activity, by using Bonita REST API.
The variable is displayed by the widget, but I want it to write that value into a variable defined in the editor.

So I did a bidirectional binding. The variable never gets updated. By testing, I found out that the problem seems to lye in the asynchronous call. I've tried several things ($scope.$apply, variable = return $http...) but did not succeed.

How to return a value from a custom widget


I've tried to return a value from a custom widget but I can't, how I can do this?


Unable to set custom widgets properties

I have to create a custom widget in which a property have to be set.
Here is the HTML :

<select ng-model="val" ng-change="ctrl.updateValues()">
    <option ng-repeat="val in availableValues" >{{val}}</option>

And the controller code :

What is the best way to manage assets for forms and custom widgets ?


I'm writing this post to discuss asset management on forms, pages, and custom widgets. We are developing an application with a lot of complex custom widgets. These widgets rely on several angular modules and can have up to 15 javascript and css assets (some are developed by our team and some are third party libraries). Bonita offers two options : local files or external url.

Custom Widget property type to support JSON data : Bonita 7

I am trying to create a new custom widget in Bonita 7 and I need a Property that can accept JSON data (not simple array collection) i.e., I want to assign below data
'header1': 'data1-1',
'header2': 'data1-2',
'header3': 'data1-3'
'header1': 'data2-1',
'header2': 'data2-2',
'header3': 'data2-3'

Still dont get how to create a custom Widget

I am trying to create my first custom widget using the one in this url:

I dont get by the instructions in the github page how to implement the necessary steps in the UI Designer. Can someone provide how to do it based in the angulargrid widget plz?


Jose Migule

Populating a form based on user Identity

Using Bonita version 7 community edition. Using basic Javascript no added features or add ins.

I have been attempting to have my form appear customized, based on the user ID of who opens the form. The form will display images and information relevant to that user/group.