how do i use my custom connector inside the restApi

hi guys
i have connector for create log inside of business data ( my connector start process for save new log)
i have restapi . the duty of this rest api is to assign and unassign task to specific user .
i want to use that connector inside of this rest api so i can have the assign logs .
i exported that connector and add as dependency inside of rest api dependencies


and i copy the jar file in side of this folder

Sharepoint Connector


Has anyone made any progress building a Sharepoint custom connector or is there a working set up of the CMIS connector to connect with Sharepoint?



While building custom connector I am trying to create access to the File directory in the connector definition. Is this possible?

Hey, thank you for your time and help. I am using Bonitasoft 7.2.4 Subscription.

I have created a custom connector to save files or documents created in the BPM process locally to the computer.

It would be hugely helpful to enable those using the connector to simply open the file directory from the connector "set up" page, and choose where they want their file saved. This "set up" page is determined by the connector definition, and from what I can see there are only a limited number of input types accepted, "Text, Textarea, Group, Select, etc."