Multiple instances of custom widget

Hi All,

I'm writing a custom widget that will be instantiated multiple times in a form.

How can I reference this specific instance elements in the controller function?

I tried generating random id´s, but it seems the template is not ready when the controller function is executed, so $("#" + randomId) generates a JavaScript exception.

Thank you.

Modify widget values based on other widget - UI Designer


I need to make a page where it contains a custom widget.

How can I get a value from a selected value?

I have a select widget with values ​​[Lucas, Rafael]

If the value selected is "Lucas" in the text box next to it, the value will be "lucas@teste.com.br"

Thank you very much!

Unable to render preview for custom widget


This is a question related to creation of a custom Input Widget for additional form validation error. When I am working with the UI designer, I am able to set all its properties and see all the views but if I try to preview the same, I don't see anything. I am unable to fathom why this is happening.

Following is my template (I am not using any controller here. There is a custom asset that I added to add custom validations):

Custom Widget : Formating Input currency

Hi , i want to format my input currency when i press key automaticaly ex

i try to create my custom widget but i doesn't work. GITHUB

my template

¿Can I pass a complex data to a Custom Widget? for example a B D M(Bussines Data Model)

Hi all

I am a newbie at Bonita 7.2, my problem is: I have created a custom widget that is a Modal Panel or Pop-up to fill in some data from a BDM called communications and then save it in a BDM, the problem is that the parameters or properties you pass to a Custom Widget, only can be one of a reduced set of types, for example:

I have an error when I map a form variable (JSON) to a table(HTML table tag). The form variable is a collection of complex data.

Hello to the hole Bonita community, I’m new in Bonita 7.2, any help will be appreciated.
I hope you a nice day.
This is the problem:

I created a custom Widget with an HTML table, I use a parameter, a Collection of Complex Data that I pass to the widget and I try to show it in the wdget But I always get an error.
I'm watching the vaue of the collection in a text field and it is a correct JSON.
This is the tempalte code:

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A widget that allows you to sort a table by clicking the column header and filtered by a text field.