How to assign the value in a custom widget?

ng-class="{ 'control-label--required': properties.required }"
class="control-label col-xs-{{ !properties.labelHidden && properties.labelPosition === 'left' ? properties.labelWidth : 12 }}">
{{ properties.label | uiTranslate }}

Passing data from custom widget to form

Hello, I have a custom widget made with pure javascript and html (no Angular) that manipulates an array of objects that I want to pass on to the form for it to process it and send it to fromOutput.

I have heard other users pass the data used in custom widgets by manipulating the DOM via query selectors, but I have found this method unreliable.

If anyone knows how to, I would greatly appreciate any help.

Custom widget functionality not working

im doing some enabling and disabling of text field on page load and it is working good in my system but if i try in other system it is not working properly.

Error while viewing generated PDF

I'm using a widget that was made available on the Bonita Community community site to view a PDF generated by my process. When I execute local my process the PDF is displayed to me correctly, however when I run in the engine where the processes stay I get internal server error. Does anyone view PDF files generated by your process and if so, how do they accomplish this?

The link from where I downloaded the custom widget was:

Where can I add options for "Select" witget on UI designer

I´m trying to create a form where the user can select the number of the house and room that is renting.
but I don't know where can I add the houses to display that information clicking on the bar.
Please tell me where should I add those alternatives to display them as options.

* house 1
* house 2
* house 3


widgetNameFactory returns 'NaN'

Hello All,

I have a simple custom widget. The controller code follows:

function ($scope, $log, widgetNameFactory) {
    console.log("customInput widget");

    // This is returning NaN
    this.name = widgetNameFactory.getName('customInput')

    if (!$scope.properties.isBound('value')) {
        console.log('The customInput property named "value" has to be bound to a variable');

The problem is the widgetNameFactory.getName function returns NaN, no matter what parameter I use. What could be the problem?

Custom widgets - Modules error ?

Hi guys,

I just tried the documented sample for creating custom widgets (the caroussel one), using BonitaSubscription7.5.4 and Community7.6
It works when I use the widget in a simple page.

On the other hand, when I put the widget in a tabsContainer, it doesn't work anymore.
On the TabsContainer page (http://localhost:8080/designer/#/fr/widget/pbTabsContainer) I can see that it also uses "ui-bootstrap-tpls-0.13.0.min.js" and "ui.bootstrap.tabs, ui.bootstrap.tpls"

Import widget custom

hello i have this error

Import error

Incorrect zip structure.

The artifact has not been imported.
Check that the zip file structure matches a standard UI Designer export.

someone can help us

Multiple instances of custom widget

Hi All,

I'm writing a custom widget that will be instantiated multiple times in a form.

How can I reference this specific instance elements in the controller function?

I tried generating random id´s, but it seems the template is not ready when the controller function is executed, so $("#" + randomId) generates a JavaScript exception.

Thank you.

Modify widget values based on other widget - UI Designer


I need to make a page where it contains a custom widget.

How can I get a value from a selected value?

I have a select widget with values ​​[Lucas, Rafael]

If the value selected is "Lucas" in the text box next to it, the value will be "lucas@teste.com.br"

Thank you very much!