BDM data in expression


I am trying to design a system for users to request access to modules of the intranet.

I have a business object called Modules and another called AccessRequests. In the Access Request Form the user is sending a module id, and I want to check if the module id matches any id in the BDM and if it does then send for module owner for approval. I am trying to do this in expressions in an exclusive gateway.

This is my progress so far and it doesn't work.

Using the businessObjectDAOFactory

Hello everyone,

I'm working on a project where I have some basics functions in a groovy script from "Manage Groovy Scripts".

My main issue is to get the DAO in my function to be able to acces my objects.
The first thing I tried was to send the DAO I need as parameters

For exemple :

public static Besoin updateDemandeContributionBesoin(Map<String, Serializable> besoinInput,
BesoinDAO besoinDAO,
RefProjectDAO refProjectDAO) {

Access DAO object in Constraint script

Hello All,

It seems it's not possible to access DAO objects in a Constraint validation script. For instance, when I try to validate using objectDAO.findByCode(input.myCode, 0, 1), I get the following error:

objectDAO is neither defined in the script nor in dependencies.

Is it so or am I doing something wrong? And if so, what alternative is feasible to validate input data against BDM (database) values?

Thank you in advance.

My actor filter need access to the BDM


I am writing an actor filter that needs access to the BDM.
I am struggling with the BusinessObjectDAOFactory as createDAO method need an APISession parameter. My problem is that the APISession seems not to be accessible from the filter method.

Here is my code:

Error trying to access the BDM

I'm trying to access the BDM from a script in Groovy. After several attempts and tests can not I find what is wrong. Attached diagram and log.