Integrating dashboards to view process metrics and indicators


I use the Bonita community version 7.6.3 community to run some processes and would like to know if there are any documents or reports from anyone who can create a plug-in to display business intelligence (BI) software dashboards. This is extremely important because even with some automated processes, I would like to follow the indicators on the panels in a simple and agile manner.

Is there any way to view the data and case information for one particular task?

I want to find all the cases that have passed through a particular task (node) in my workflow, just to see how that node is performing and status of other cases pending on that node. Is this functionality in-built in Bonitasoft? If not, any tips on how I can go about implementing this?


Bonita ui designer forms are not displaying in dashboard

I have used Dashboard example given at link https://github.com/pozil/bonita-angular-dashboard, but in available tasks its show a self generated form using my process variables name instead of ui designer form which i have actually used in my process. I am new to bonita what should i do to display the ui forms in available tasks in dashboard?Any kind of help will be appreciated.

How to add custom dashboard in Bonita-7.3.1-Tomcat bundle

I have downloaded custom dashboard example from https://github.com/pozil/bonita-angular-dashboard. But i don't know how to add it in bonita tomcat portal 7.3. 1. I have read the steps but i cant understand how to do it in 7.3.1 portal. how to define apps/ folder in url in profile.

I have tried few steps:

  1. Add the zip file to custom pages list.
  2. But i am not clear how to add it in profile. what is url parameter
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Bonita BPM Dashboard built on AngularJS and integrated as a custom page in the Bonita Portal. Based on Fabio Lombardi's (Bonitasoft) original work Edited by Philippe Ozil (Bonitasoft).

Project home page (documentation, downloads...) https://github.com/pozil/bonita-angular-dashboard

Releases for Bonita AngularJS user dashboard integrated into a custom page

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v1.3.0 - Client side pagination release 6.3.x 2014-Oct-08 Download
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Stats update 6.3.x 2014-Oct-06 Download
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