Loking for assistance through developing application?

Hi guys! Im doing my school project in Bonita. Since i am just starting using Bonita, i feel lost. I am developing an application for ordering and paying drinks in bars. My first question is, is it anyhow possible to import document as manu and its prices? I've created the process but i can't figure out data :( Please help anyone!

Poblar datos en tablas de data business model

Hola buenas tardes,

quisiera saber si alguien sabe o tiene alguna noción de como se hace para poblar datos dentro de las tablas del BDM, por ejemplo tengo una tabla llamada providers que tiene un id y un nombre, lo que quiero es llenar dicha tabla con datos para que cuando arranque el proceso tomar esos datos y mostrarlos en un combo desplegable.

Eso se puede hacer?? si es así por fa que alguien me ayude, porque he buscado en internet pero no encuentro nada.

Create Reference Data

I have created a small process and can interact with the data contained within the process. I am looking now to extend the application to contain reference data. For example to allow an administrator to create a list of warehouses (CodeWarehouse, DescriptionWarehouse) outside of a process (but within the bdm), that a user then must select from within the process via a dropdown list within the form..

Does bonita have out of the box features for data confidentiality processes

I need to handle data that is restricted according to different actors.

Can I define in someway that data so it is handled differently whether is one actor or another.

And also how is data secured in terms of attackers trying to steal data with attacks like men in the middle or any other types of attacks.

Can data be encrypted in the database used by Bonita or when transmitted to an external database?


When your variable is going to be an uploaded picture, what data type do you use?

I have a process that includes uploading pictures, these pictures will need to be carried over to the next human task for a worker to see them. I cant seem to make this happen. What data type do you use for this? Using community edition

Data inside Portal

I have made a process that is form based for a trucking company. The process works well but once the whole process is done, I cant see the data that is placed on the forms anywhere in the portal. I need help to be able to pull these forms up at later dates. Should I add a connector to send the form information to? any ideas?

data type xml: error importing xsd

I'm using version 6.3.4 of the performance edition. Want to use a variable of data type xml. Can't import xsd-file. Getting following error: ".... xs:element must be followed either by an attribute specification, > or />...". I'm using a publicly availabe xsd that definitely does not contain any errors. Nevertheless I checked the file as well. Where is the error? Cheers Thomas

Error al iniciar una tarea con dato tipo XML en Deploy Bonita 6.3.2

Saludos ,

Estoy haciendo el deploy de procesos en un servidor debian de 64 bit con postgreSQL y la version 6.3.2 de Bonita Community. El proceso funciona correctamente desde el BonitaStudio 6.3.2 ,pero cuando hago la instalacion en el servidor e inicio la actividad , me indca que no hay tareas y en el log me refleja estos datos::

How to display table widget data vertically

Hello , i m using bonitasoft community 6.3 and from external database i m able to display data in table widget on form . by following code :

How to Display Database data into Table widget

Hello, I found some discussion and try to apply following procedure to display data of external database into table widget. I’m total new on this environment. pl provide me specific procedure .

I’m using , Bonita soft 6.3 communitiy Oracle database 10g