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Data Table custom widget current page number binding

I created a data table custom widget and I need to get a current page number in order to use Identity API such as


I could get the current page number inside widget like

I created a Bidirectional bond property to link together.
However, I dont get the right result.
I would appreciate if someone gives me an idea.

Thanks in advance

Ajax datatable with child row


First of all, I am sorry that the question is too broad.

I want to create a custom widget with a data table. The JSON format is as follows.
I want to follow the data table example:

Filtering data table on column key value

i'm trying to filter rows in a data table with an input widget.
When i type something in input my data table is showing everything looks like i've entered.
It's working.
But the filter is searching the value in the entire row.
How could i declare the filter on a single column key ?

Tengo un problema al mapear una variable (JSON) a una tabla de html. La variable de formulario es una collection java de datos complejos.

Hola a toda la comunidad de Bonita, soy nuevo en Bonita 7.2 y cualquier ayuda será agradecida.
Espero que tengan un buen día.

Este es el problema:
Creé un custom widget(widget persomalizado), con una tabla tipo <table> de HTML, y le paso un parámetro que es una collection de datos complejos, y siempre obtengo un erro de Angular de parseo, que también adjunto al final.
Estoy mostrando en un campo de texto el JSON con los valores, y es correcto.

Issues with data table widget


I'm using a Data Table for showing data from a REST API but it can't paginate the data (it always shows an "1" on the table bottom without considering the number of rows), it can't sort the data nor filter it.

I can't see any log to debug it, anyone has similar issues?