data type

Date type constructor not matching error ( Could not find matching constructor for java.time.LocalDate(java.util.Date))

I created a complex input example task.
I created bdm
timerTask : title(TEXT)/ startdate (DATEONLY)/enddate(DATEONLY)
testTimer : recommandation(TEXT)/ task (timerTask)
The contract is

timerObjInput (COMPLEX)(Multiple)
recommandation (TEXT)
task (COMPLEX)(Multiple)

In the operation tab, I initiated timerObj to addAll as below.

Money in business data model


I'm using the community version of Bonita to capture our internal expenses process.

Obviously, a key part of this is capturing monetary amounts. Can anyone advise on how I can build these into the data model with correct precision.

Currently, I can only select float or double (which obviously have the potential for inaccurate storage) or integer which would mean i'd have to store in cents rather than dollars (e.g. 100.00 = 10000) with associated transforms for displaying etc.

Setting datatype case variables through the rest api.

How do I set a datatype case variable through the rest API? I have created a very simple workflow which has two human tasks.

Start --> Get Data --> Show Data --> End

The data is written to a process variable which is a datatype. This datatype is deployed as a jar file in the org.bonitasoft.person package and it is called VitalStats. It has three fields which are:

firstName (string) lastName (string) age (integer)