database configuration

Add special characters in file

Im having trouble to configure my database password which have special characters, for example "Pa$$word".
In the I tried the following configuration:
db.password=Pa$$word but when I tried to start tomcat and exception ocurred, then I decided to escape the specials characters like so:
db.password=Pa\$\$word this time I received an access denied exception.

Bonita Community - Deploy Database Configuration...

Hi there,

I'm running a 6.3.6 Community deploy bundle and want to test a version on MySQL.

I'm following the instructions here...

When I get to step 7 it says Now configure your database. with a link to here....

However this says that Database Configuration is only available in:

DataBase connector error

hello , i m using bonitasoft 6.3 community .

and Two oracle database server . one is production and one is test .

on my test server i m tried to connect it is successfully run , but when i tried to connect to different server (prod) it gives error .

as database side there are all GRANT same for both database . so how can i resolve this problem .

error is as follow : error

Synchronization problem at the time of publishing an organization

Hi I’m not very experienced in Bonita, and I hope someone can help me and point me to the right direction. Presently, I’m in the process of configuring the system to use the MySQL database. I have followed the tutorial and I have been able to create the tables (including the tenant table). However, I have not been able to publish an organization due to a synchronization problem. This is the configuration that I have in the file