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String variable in MySQL connector


I'm trying to set a query with a string variable in the script. I have set the database connection in the query script the value
SELECT idOR from Personal where name='${variablename}'

And the error that appears in the engine log is written the without the single quotes. I have tried to escape them (\'), tried double quote, and each time the query is done without any quotes.

How can I quote the value of my string variable thus the query is right?

How to Execute a Stored Procedure call in Bonita Studio


I'm trying to execute a stored procedure in Bonita Studio. The stored procedure is stored at a mysql database server, so currently I'm using a MYSQL Connector, but if it's unsuitable, I don't mind changing my approach. What I've done:

Get data from another database (not from business data) and do some operations at the start of a process (before instantiation form)


I would like to know if there is a way to get some data from another database, which is not the business data database as well as do some operations, at the very start of a process, before the user is being shown a form.

There are some data that needs to be retrieved before the start of a process and currently we're using a service task right after the start of the process to retrieve the necessary data and do some operations before displaying a page to the user. After the service task, then we have the human task, where the user will be able to input their request.

How to use database connector's command separator


I am trying to use the command separator of the mysql database connector, but I couldn't figure out how to structure the query. Right now, I'm using the script editor with Groovy interpreter, as follows: