Database H2

How to write dynamic query in bonita studio bdm?

I have five filter fields in my application home page (dashboard -> where I am showing all the records from h2 DB) now I want to filter the records on these fields basis.
It may require 31 (2^5 -1) queries, some are already provided as default queries.

Isn't there a way to write a dynamic query in "custom queries" or somewhere to get the desired result at UI?

How are the dates store in bonita database


How are the datetimes stored in the H2 database? I see a long value. Is this stored a milliseconds?

If so, how should I convert to regular date within query? I'm trying to perform some validations.


Why to change the h2 database

Hi all,

I've read in documentation that I must to change h2 database to another database system because h2 is suitable for test and not for production..

Okay but why h2 isn't suitable for a production environnement ? What coul be happen if I deploy my application with h2 ?

Thanks in advance.