database query

Named parameter in query

Hi all,

Still discovering Bonita and I got stuck into a small problem. I am trying to update a specific line of my bdm. I have been building my app getting ideas from the "Modify Pending Vacation Request process" of the vacation management example .

org.hibernate.QueryException: Not all named parameters have been set: [persistenceId] [SELECT c
FROM Cases c
WHERE c.persistenceId= :persistenceId

Do I miss anything?

Linking a database query to a service task "breaks" the next step


have a very simple lane with "initialization form"-"service task"- "human task" .


What I would like to do is to initialize in the service task one variable with a value retrieved from the database.

The issue is that as I create the connector (no difference if its in or out) in the service task, the human task doesn't get created.