Is it possible to write to a table from inside an Event Handler class?

How do I write to a table from inside an Event Handler class? I need to make an insert from an event handler.

For example:

import java.util.UUID;

Database cleaned on restart by default

Is there any reason why the checkboxes "On exit, clean database", "Clean business data database on exit" are checked by default?

I'm struggling to come up with even one good reason.

How to call process variable into user interface in bonita 7 [ need tutorial ]

Hello guys,

I'm interested about BPM and I've installed bonita 5 and 7 in my computer.
I've created my process business into bpm modeling, and now i'm in phase of developing my business process into application ( UI Designer ).
In my modeling process, i've created a process variable ( Java Object - java.util.List [No Coding, Just Created] ) to stored my MySQL - query ( Created using Graphical Connector In ).

Can somebody explain me what I have to do to make a database connection work? Get a exception and i have no idea how to fix it.

I'm pretty new to Bonita bpm.
At the moment I'm experimenting with it, and try to discover the capabilities of it. (because it could be interesting for our research institute)
I created my first lane with a simple process, and now I want to make a database connection to my Orcale 11g Express edition database.

How can I query 2 different tables and get the result in 2 different result sets using 1 connector


I want to know if it is possible to use only one connector in order to execute 2 or more different select querys and store the returned values in differents resultsets.

And also if it is possible how to do it


7.1 - Access connectors dynamically on multi-page forms

I am working with Bonita BPM 7.1, starting to build multi-page forms. It looks like the database connector functionality provides what I need in terms of querying an external database. However, I need to access the connector dynamically within the page. For example, first page-> Select person last Name, second page -> display list of matching people with selection. So between these steps I need to execute a parameterized query to the database. I can build a connector-in, but it always runs before the form.

Attempting to set a Business Data List object from a List using a Postgres Connector


I am attempting to use the Postgres 9.2 connector to populate a List business variable.

I have a Business Object called ErrorDetail, and have a Pool Business Variable errorDetailList - List

When I try to populate errorDetails using the "takes value of" from my Groovy script I get the following error:

Script creation DataBase Oracle for business data.

como creo la base de datos para la version 7 the bpm.

BPM7 - How to pass variable in business model instance to a database connector

Update: See my last comment to skip to part of the answer.

I have tried many ways of doing this but not able to find any documentation or videos out there. Maybe the new version is to need.

How do we pass data contained in our process instance of a business model to the connector (Postgresql) SQL query? I have tried several ways without any success: