Installation 7.3.0 : Shuting down the server log a ResourceException


At shuting down the bonita server the problem log in boot.log is :

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JDBC Datasource connector to Insert into a database with a prepared statement

Author : Frederic KREBS

Bonita BPM version : 6.5.3

Example works with

  • Postgresql
  • Bonita BPM 6.5.3

Example installation

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01.00.00 6.5.x 2015-Jun-12 Download
Release note

When try to pass variable into query of database connector it gives error

hello ,

i m using on service task which give ti list of pant based on parameter of user's city i m using oracle 10 database connector .

Detail description ,

  1. perameter : NDS
  2. query : "Select title from plant_mst where unit_id=NDS"

this is perfactly run . but when i try dynamic query .

Select title from plant_mst where unit_id = " + city(variable- which store users city =NDS)

it gives error : Invelid Identifier . what i m doing wrong .

Here is server log :

How to Display Database data into Table widget

Hello, I found some discussion and try to apply following procedure to display data of external database into table widget. I’m total new on this environment. pl provide me specific procedure .

I’m using , Bonita soft 6.3 communitiy Oracle database 10g

Jetty Datasource

Is it possible to configur a jetty datasource for the studio?

Thank you.