Where can I add options for "Select" witget on UI designer

I´m trying to create a form where the user can select the number of the house and room that is renting.
but I don't know where can I add the houses to display that information clicking on the bar.
Please tell me where should I add those alternatives to display them as options.

* house 1
* house 2
* house 3


Data table shows record in different order in chrome

In one of my Application page, I use a Data table to display records. Records are fetched from an REST API extension. When REST API returns records, they are sorted. So, I am expecting that data table will display records as it is returned from server.

Unfortunately, in chrome records are displayed in different order. But this works well in Firefox.

For Data table, I am using the page size 5.

How can I fix this problem?

Property of hide widget


I am using a data table widget and when I apply a condition in the hide property of this widget, it only hides the data and the name of the columns (headers) remains visible, does anyone know why this behavior?
In my understanding should completely hide the table not only the data.

That property of hiding the handling with a condition through a variable, if that field has a value different from the initial one is hidden.