How to make alarm or show popup message

I want to show user by alret or popup that this task due date is soon in his tasks list.

Which event/activity I can use for this?
I tried timer but it didnt do anything

Thank you

how to change the date format in the portal

Hi all,
I'd like to change the date format in the portal, I mean I want to show dates by the days that have passed since its creation or last update instead of normal creation/modified date.
But I don’t know how can I change the default setting for the calendar? Or where should I make a change?

Thank you in advance

REST API returns date in bytes and stream

I use the Rest Api Sql Datasource to query the database and return values.
It was working fine till i recently created a Inner join on 2 tables.
Everything works fine but only issue is with Date format.
The Dates are not coming clearly. The date is returned as a stream. Please see below format.

"stream": {

How to send via formOutput the automatically set date(today)

Hey guys,
I'm new to bonity and have trouble with a date picker. I have a form with a date picker, which is set to read-only because I want to just set the date automatically.

So at this time my value of the date picker is set to "formInput.bvar_ManuskriptEinsendenInput.eingereichtAm", which is of course wrong, because I dont want the client to choose the date. "eingereichtAm" is my date-variable:

Problème Date avec l'engine API coté Java


Je veux executer une tache partir de l'engine API avec des données définies dans un contrat. Mon problème viens du contrat qui contient une entrée de type date (LOCALDATE) et je ne sais pas exactement quoi envoyer dans la HashMap.

Détail de l'erreur :
org.bonitasoft.engine.bpm.contract.ContractViolationException: USERNAME=walter.bates | Error while validating expected inputs: [2018-04-04 cannot be assigned to LOCALDATE]

How to get local variable from a task to enter value in email

I created two date variables to get the date and time that started and finished the task, so I put the variables in the tasks as a local variable.

However I need the variables to insert into the end email ....

Please I need help

Erroneous data stored in Oracle Tables

Hello everyone,

I have a data model that has two fields of date type, through two date widget the user chooses a start date and an end date. During the process the chosen date is fine, but when stored in an Oracle table both dates are stored with a previous day that was chosen day. Does anyone know why this happens and how I can fix it ?. I'd appreciate it very much.