datepicker change to arabic

How i can change the language of a Datepicker widget in UI Designer it's by default in english but I want it in arabic?

How can I auto fill the current date in a datepicker widget?


I´m using Bonita 7.3.2 and I need to auto fill a datepicker widget with the current date.

There is some way to do this automatically?

Thanks in advance.


Geovanny C.

Controle date with the datepicker


I try toi check the date from a datepicker from the UI form!

I have one datepicker name (startdate) and another one call (returndate).

1) I would like to check if the stratdate is today or in the futur.
2) Check that the returndate is after the startdate.

I try with jquery code, but I don't know the name of the component put in the UI form


BonitaSoft 7.1.3 Datepicker off by one day

Hi everybody Im using the latest version of bonita (7.1.3) the date returned by the datepicker of the UI Designer is off by one day is this some kind of bug in the version? because Ive used the version 7.0.0 and 7.1.0 and didnt have that problem before.