How can I debug my operations?


is there any way to debug the operations? Sometimes I've an few depending operations and I can't tell which step doesn't work.


How can I stop message debug when calling API Engine ?


Since I have migrate Bonita between 6.3.7 to 7.3.0, when I call API Bonita, I have message debug for the HTTP request made by these call...

Debug a process

How can I debug a process?
Is it possible to see the value of the parameters and variables during the debug (execution)?
By clicking on Debug button in cool bar an empty big box appears with title "Configure the debug execution" and nothing is in it. Then by clicking debug the process starts and goes to the end and it is not like debugging.
Thank you

debug connector code

Hi what is the suggested way to debug connector code to minimize roundtrip times ? I see 3 scenarios - use engine api and deploy connector code via the BusinessArchiveBuilder Q: Will the so deployed connector code be debuggable when you start the Engine in debug mode from an IDE ? - launch the portal through tomcat or openEJB within the IDE in debug mode - remote debugging with application server

Of course I have unit tests for the business logic, but during integration and while exploring Bonita a debug facility save a lot of time Thanks for any suggestions Donat

How to test and debug a process

I am developping my processes with Bonita BPM Studio. Before deploying in production, I would like to test and debug them to be sure that everything will work well.

How do I do that ?