default value

Default values for contracts

I have a process that is automating a business decision based on the inputted data.
Now the form is dynamic, meaning some fields are shown cause of prior inputs like select box or a checkbox.
Because of this the json coming from the client can sometimes contain more fields and sometimes less.
But we all know that Bonita will give an Error if the contract is not met.
So what I want to know if there is a way to set the contract a default value, so that if that contract field is not present in the json than that field can be initialized with the default value.

Dropdown list with default value

Issue with default value for pool variable in 6.3 ?

I define a variable in a pool (text) with a default value.

When I execute, in the instantiation form of the processus, the text field is empty.

It works perfectly in a task form if I define a variable in the task, but the pool variable is still empty.

Is this a bug according to you ?