CRUD Tutorial in Bonitasoft

Hello, does bonitasoft provides a complete tutorial or sample project of Create, Update and "Delete" into a one application? Please let me know if anyone has the tutorial or sample project of it. I am very thankful if someone willing to give me a tutorial. This is my first time using BPM, im still learning on this.

How to Delete Data

Hello, How to delete data that i have selected from table row? here is the screenshot of my project https://www.dropbox.com/s/qg4sjoxyyllqurj/Capture.PNG?dl=0 I want to add a delete function right beside the submit button. I want the data also deleted in database as well. Does anybody here know how to do that? thank you

Can I Delete a Organization?

I have added the default (ACME.XML) and a customized (say, abc.xml) organization on to the portal. I don't know but I think something is getting messed up and only some of the users can login. For eg; walter.bates is giving me Login failed. No profile has been set up for this user. Contact your administrator., even though it is showing up in the list of users.

So, is there a way to delete the ACME.xml from the portal. Thank you :)