Error importing library (.JAR) and using it in a script

We have imported a library (google-oauth-client-1.30.1) through Bonitasoft's library loading manager. The load looks good and is available, but when we are going to import it into a script and evaluate that import, the following exception appears:

(...) Groovy script throws an exception of type class java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError.

We tried placing the .JAR in the Bonita folders and in the workspace but the same exception followed. Reading we have found that it may be a problem with the ClassPath and class loader, but we do not know how to solve it to use this library.

Error al importar librería (.JAR) y utilizarla en un script

Hemos importado una librería (google-oauth-client-1.30.1) mediante el gestor de carga de librerías de Bonitasoft. La carga se ve bien y queda disponible, pero cuando vamos a importarla en un script y evaluar esa importación aparece la siguiente excepción:

(...) Groovy script throws an exception of type class java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError.

Process dependencies (.jar)

Hi, I'm creating a simple custom connector for a process and I need some extra libs (.jar), but when I trying to import the files .jar to use it in the connector implementation, Bonita doesn't import anything, so, how can I resolve this or what am I doing wrong?.

Here are the steps to reproduce it: - Configure process - Process dependencies - Select Others - Import .jar

Enviroment: Windows professional 8.1 64 bits - Bonita Community 6.5.2 - JDK 1.7 update 80

Thanks for the answer guys.

Bonita Runtime 6.3.1 + deploy file ".Bar", always accuses issue of dependencies.


But there is only one pool, I have configured all actors.

I was wondering any way to put these dependencies within the "process-design.xml" file.

Below is how the dependency of my file "process-design.xml".

Dependency not recognised in "Edit Expression" window

BonitaSoft: 5.10

Hi All,

I have generated a xmlbean jar from a WSDL and add the jar under dependencies. Only thing is that the library is not recognised when I hit ctrl-space. When I start a java project in NetBeans and include the xmlbean jar the classes are there and all is working.

Does someone else have experience with this?

Kind regards, Steven