Rest API Extension deployment

Hi guys,
We were wondering if there is a way to deploy all the REST API Extensions at once for the Studio ?

Use Case : I import my workspace in a new local repository, I have 10 REST API Extensions.
For now I have to select the Extensions one by one, and select Deploy...

Can we do a global maven build ? How can I know the Maven Phase executed by the Studio when you click on Deploy... ?

Cheers :)

Customize Portal Theme 7.2 Community

Yesterday I tried to edit the portal color from my Bonita installation within the Studio environnement.

I edited files in BonitaBPMCommunity-7.2.3\workspace\default\bonita_home\client\tenants\1\work\theme\portal and it worked well for me instantly.

I wanted to copy this folder on another installation of Bonita on another computer, but at this point, the content is refreshed and reset automaticcaly by Bonita.

Error on building process for deploy - bonita 7.1.0 community

Hello, I have a process ready for production and I need to generate the .bar for install the process on production enviroment but when bonita studio is building the .bar it throws this error "internal form mapping is undefined for " but the process has no errors, any idea how to fix this?

Error 500 - DefaultTenantIdException

So, I've installed Tomcat7 and I have mysql running and I have "installed" the bonita deployment files on the correct path, tomcat's manager indicated that the application is indeed running and has started. However, when accessing localhost:8080/bonita/ all I get is an error for "org.bonitasoft.console.common.server.utils.DefaultTenantIdException"

I thought it was because I had some sort of problem installing the app, however with the h2 database it is working, so my best guess would be some problem with the mysql connectors or the database itself.


Connectors packaging: how to package various connectors in a single zip


we currently have a set of connectors that have exactly the same jar dependencies, and that represents a kind of connectors library.

Is there a way to load them togethers in a single .zip (or whatever extensions) file (avoiding duplicating the libraries in the packaged file) into Bonitasoft?

Best regards.

Is it possible to deploy Bonita Community on the external server - not standalone?

Maybe I am mistaken, but it seems that Bonita Community version can only be deployed on local server on your own computer - not in cloud. Hence enterprise use of Bonita Community is not possible and the only purpose of this edition is to try how it looks and functions.

Did anyone succeed in deploying Bonita Community on external Tomcat or JBOSS server?

No puedo eliminar nada en Bonita BPM Portal


Instalé Bonita BPM en un servidor de pruebas con la siguiente configuración:

  • Bonita BPM Engine / Portal 6.3.3 (Separados, no instalé ningún paquete "Bundle")
  • Glassfish 4.0
  • Oracle Linux 6.5
  • JDK 8 (1.8.0_25)

Tengo un proceso que desplegué en ese ambiente junto con la configuración de la organización (usuarios, grupos, perfiles). Si bien corre sin problemas, cuando intento redesplegar el flujo eliminándolo obtengo el siguiente error:

Bonita Community - Deploy Database Configuration...

Hi there,

I'm running a 6.3.6 Community deploy bundle and want to test a version on MySQL.

I'm following the instructions here...

When I get to step 7 it says Now configure your database. with a link to here....

However this says that Database Configuration is only available in:

Error al iniciar una tarea con dato tipo XML en Deploy Bonita 6.3.2

Saludos ,

Estoy haciendo el deploy de procesos en un servidor debian de 64 bit con postgreSQL y la version 6.3.2 de Bonita Community. El proceso funciona correctamente desde el BonitaStudio 6.3.2 ,pero cuando hago la instalacion en el servidor e inicio la actividad , me indca que no hay tareas y en el log me refleja estos datos::

Bonita and Bonita Rest in the same server


I want to deploy bonita.war and bonita-server-rest.war in the same server, and that they both share the same engine or / and API

I mean that all the operations done in the bonita-server-rest.war be able in the bonita.war engine

What do i need to do this ?

Thank you and regards