How to deploy

I am a newbie and with so much information it gets difficult to find out the practical details.
I have a small company (we are 3) and I want to automate our processes (we don't even have a file server). If I create a bundle of processes, how do I deploy it:
1 - Do I have to use on the Bonita platform, or can it be used somewhere else?
2 - If I need to use Bonita platform, does the Community edition works, or do I need to go for a paid version?
3 - If I can use another cloud platform, what are the requirements that I must request from them?

Error using JBoss bundle + SQLServer 2008 (Updating Schema Fails) Bonita v7.1

I'm trying to deploy the BDM into the server since three days ago and i'm facing the following error. Could you help me to solve it, PLEASE?

Stack Trace: