deploying the Business Data Model

Business Data Model - Table not found


I want to import in my Bonita installation a workflow that handle Business Data Model.

First of all I exported my BDM from Bonita Studio and then I imported it logging in the portal as technical user.
So I exported my workflow as BOS file and I imported it to create my new process.

When I try to create a new case of that process I got this exception in my Bonita log:

Error while managing Business Data Model (BDM)


I'm starting with BonitaSoft. I have done the 'Getting Started Tutorial' and one other application only.

I'm trying to define the Business Data Model, so I added some Business Objects, their atributes and only the auto-generated default queries. But when I click the button 'Finish' I get the following error. Can aynone help me solving this?

I'm using:
Bonita BPM Community Edition, version : 7.1.2
Windows 7, 64 Bits

Thank you.


An error occured while deploying the business Data Model in engine

I am new to Bonitasoft. I am following the manual named "BONITA BPM 7.0 GETTING STARTED" downloaded from the bonitasoft website.

I am using following version:
Bonita BPM Community Edition
Version : 7.1.2
Build id : 7.1.2

As mentioned on page number 7 of this book, when I try to save the business data model after adding a custom JQuery as written in this book, I get following error. Can someone help me in resolving this error. Has it got something to do with access rights. I am working on Windows 7 professional 64 bit.