dev environment

debug connector code

Hi what is the suggested way to debug connector code to minimize roundtrip times ? I see 3 scenarios - use engine api and deploy connector code via the BusinessArchiveBuilder Q: Will the so deployed connector code be debuggable when you start the Engine in debug mode from an IDE ? - launch the portal through tomcat or openEJB within the IDE in debug mode - remote debugging with application server

Of course I have unit tests for the business logic, but during integration and while exploring Bonita a debug facility save a lot of time Thanks for any suggestions Donat

How to setup development environment

Hello All!

I'm new to Bonita BPM Open Source and I've started to explore the source code to better understand the software architecture. I've followed the steps in to build Bonita from source code.

Although, I was not able to setup the development environment in Eclipse to explore the code and make changes to it. At this moment, I'm specially interested in bonita-engine and bonita-web.