When does HiDPI support come for Bonita BPM Studio?

It's horrible to work with Bonita BPM Studio on a HiDPI display because the underlying eclipse is not supporting it. I work with a team with normal DPI displays on a shared repository, so we always have to adjust the size of the elements or stay with overlapping elements and text.

How to Display Database data into Table widget

Hello, I found some discussion and try to apply following procedure to display data of external database into table widget. I’m total new on this environment. pl provide me specific procedure .

I’m using , Bonita soft 6.3 communitiy Oracle database 10g

How to display process data in forms ?

I have set some connectors, designed some forms, and I need some examples about how to manage data I get from connectors, and display them in my forms. So, users can interact with information.

Is there some example of how to do that ?