How can I stop Bonita installed with / within the Docker image?


When I install the docker image: docker pull

And I run it: docker run -e HTTP_API=true -e REST_API_DYN_AUTH_CHECKS=false --name bonita -v ~/bonita-lic/:/opt/bonita_lic/ -h localhost -d -p 8080:8080

Then get inside my container: sudo docker exec -it my-container-id bash

I wantto stop the bonita server with:

Change port on Docker Bonita Container

Hi Follow this thread, how can put the Bonita container to work in another tcp port, have a LMS working with the 80, 8080 ports....

This works? have 81 8081 open in FW.

docker run --name bonita -d -p 8081:8081 bonita

Thanks in advance

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I use Bonita Portal inside a Docker Container. I need to connect Bonita Portal (inside docker) with Bonita Studio. Can someone help me (Version: Community 7.10.4)?



Docker - Unable to contact EngineAPI


I'm trying to create multiple docker container with a docker-compose.
I have 3 containers:
- bonita
- postgres
- webapps

In my webapp i have one application that's use EngineAPI to do some actions, like launch a process.
When i'm tryin to connect to bonitaEngine, i've got this error:

Engine API not working with Bonita docker container (v7.8.3)


I'm trying to write some Java script that uses Bonita engine API to interact with a Bonita docker container. The docker-compose file and the Java code are as follows.

docker-compose.yml: (followed instructions on