Document handling

update document via groovy script

Hi, I have a given path to a document, and I need to update a document variable in the process with that document (the document path depends on every case). Also I need to place that document in another path when the process finishes. I need to do this in groovy scripts. and I have no idea how to up/download documents in bonita scripts

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Need some help with Document Variable in a Multi-instantiation Task

I am using Subscription version 7.1.2
I have a Task which needs to be performed in parallel by multiple users.(Multi-instantiation Task)
The users who perform the task needs to upload a document each .
I have declared a Document variable in the Process Level .
I have defined the Document as a Contract Output. The document variable saves the Contract output .
This works only when 1 users uploads a document.
But if 2nd and 3rd users also uploads documents , then the variable gets overwritten every time.