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Create Document List with java API

Hi all,

I have a process instance A with no Document List defined in it. I would like that another process B create a Document List in process instance A.

I tried setDocumentList(long processInstanceId, String name, List documentsValues) but I get an error "org.bonitasoft.engine.bpm.document.DocumentException, Unable to set the list annexes on process instance ....

Caused by: org.bonitasoft.engine.commons.exceptions.SObjectNotFoundException: Unable to find the list annexes on process instance ..., nothing in database and nothing declared in the definition."

CMIS Connector for upload list of documents is missing


I watched with great interest the webinar Managing documents and workflow by coupling BPM + ECM and was very enthused by the CMIS connector that uploads multiple documents at once.

For some reason, this CMIS connector does not appear in my list.

Handle document list (delete / add) with 7.2


I have a process with a document list. The document list is created on the instantiaction form.

In one of the human tasks a user should be able to view / add / delete his documents. I first changed formInput to a Javascript expression to get the documents from the context (and other REST API variables):

return {
    "marchePublicRequestInput": $data.marchePublicRequest,
    "newStatus": "resend",
    "piecesJointesInput": $data.context.piecesJointes_ref

I also have an empty JSON object newDocuments