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Fusion de document PDF


jai un processus qui a plusieurs document (PDF) que j'aimerais fusionner en un seul document avec un nom bien défini.

Quelqu'un pour me mettre sur une piste ?

Attach Documentos in SubProcess

Hello everyone.

I am using a diagram where define a subprocess and each one I attached some documents to be aproved. The problem is when I want to see this documents into open cases or archived cases I can't see these ones. My question is who can i see this documents in each subprocess and if is necessary an extra configuration to see?.

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Gabriel M.

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Explain how to share a document between a parent process and child process (relation define using call activity).

Releases for Sharing document between two processes

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Accessing an uploaded document with API


Being fairly new to Bonita, I'm stuck trying to retrieve a document. In the upload form, I've created a document variable to store my input document. In another form, I'm trying to use the context information of the document to get a download link for the file. So far, I have found the "url" field (something like 'documentDownload?fileName=FILENAME&contentStorageId=13') but I have no idea how to use this url.

Can somebody please help me ?

Using Bonita 7.0.1

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This is a connector for OpenKM Document Management System.

Can be found more information about it at Bonita-OpenKM-connector

Releases for OpenKM connector

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1.0 6.2.x, 6.1.x, 6.0.x 2014-Oct-20 Download
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