How to generate the process documentation?

The system documentation ( refer a "Menu bar > Process" that I should access to Generate Documentation, but my Bonita BPM Studio does not have a Process Menu or Submenu.
Have you ever been succeeded in generating a model/process documentation? How? Where?

Luciano Gomes

On Form Submit redirection to a task or another page based on a user's role

I was trying to implement a simple scenario wherein a user would be redirected to either of the two tasks or forms based on his role, but was unable to do so, due to lack of specific documentation. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

7.3.0 Community - Tomcat deployment on Ubuntu - help required

Following the instructions: but with the new 7.3.0-deploy release.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

When I try to start the tomcat service I get an error:

adminuser@ud73007:/opt$ sudo service tomcat7 start
Job for tomcat7.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status

Issues to create a contract on Bonita BPM 7.1.0 documentation.

I am studying the Bonita BPM 7.1.0 documentation by following the tutorial to understand how to create new applications Workflow. Even would like to congratulate once again all staff BonitaSoft, I get more and more excited about the tool. During these studies, I found a part of the documentation that may have been a little misunderstanding.

How to use CSS in BONITA 7? How to modify the height of a text widget or input widget?

Please, I need to modify the height of a text widget.

How to create a class in CSS and use it in UI Designer? This example doesn't work.

Documentation comments


With the publication of the documentation for 6.5, we have removed the possibility to comment on a page. After much deliberation, we decided that it was better to focus all discussion on Bonita BPM here in the Community forum, and not treat documentation separately. (It also saves us the moderation time, which we can use for content instead.)

Please keep your comments coming, here in "Answers" (even if they are questions!)