Saving Document URL in a field

Hello All,

i am using the multiple file upload as showed in the example (

It works perfectly, but i would like to understand how would be possible to store the multiple document link in a database field?

I needs to keep an history of all documents...


Loking for assistance through developing application?

Hi guys! Im doing my school project in Bonita. Since i am just starting using Bonita, i feel lost. I am developing an application for ordering and paying drinks in bars. My first question is, is it anyhow possible to import document as manu and its prices? I've created the process but i can't figure out data :( Please help anyone!

contentMimeType becomes null when Document is updated

I've created a document under Data and I am able to add and delete the files (I followed the example in
When the following script is run in Operations to update an attached Document, the contentMimeType gets updated from application/pdf to null.

Optional Document Upload


Im using Bonita 7.1

I would like to know if there is a way to have an optional document upload?

I have a form with 10 document upload widgets, some times we need all 10 sometimes only 2, they cant be part of the contract because I might not use them and then the contract will not be for filled, so i cannot submit.

Any idea what is the best way to do this?


Document Download - Run-time decision?

Hi there,

In studio there is a switch for Document->Download Only, I need to make this dynamic based on data within the file widget. Is this possible as I can't find anything in javadoc.

For example what I want to do is:

How to change securely an app attachment


I want to update the version of several documents that are embebbed on an app, In Bonita 5.x I did this with the Bonita UserXP but in Bonita 6 this option is no longer avaliable, there is a way using the API or something for doing this?. The only way what I can use now is compiling a new version of the app, but this is not desirable in a production environment.

Thanks in advance.

Personnaliser le champ de recherche des données d'un cas archivé et le formulaire d'aperçu de valeurs trouvées

Bonjour les amis,

j'utilise la version 6.2.6, j'aimerai quand on clique sur l'aperçu d'un cas qui a été archivé avoir un formulaire personnalisé ayant des champs spécifiques. et aussi personnaliser le champs de recherche qu'au moment où je tapes les nom du client qu'il m'affiche tous les cas d'un process qui conserne ce client

merci pour votre aide

How to Store attachment into hard drive .

how can i store attachment(document) from process uploaded by user to harddrive . it can be any type of document , .pdf , .doc , .xls etc.

Pl help . give any example .

How to Get file path of attached file from file widget

hello i m new on bonitasoft . using community 6.3

i create one doc variable named input create on from with file widget Nd set data as this input variable .

on submit button clicked add one action

string variable takes value of input.getPath() but when run process it gives error : " error while submiting form"

what i mistaken ? pl any one help me .

thanks in advance . jalpa