Accept a file from REST API

I have an ASP.Net REST API that generate and download a file to browser.
My question is, how to store that file in a document variable via connectors in bonita?

How to fetch A document from a Subprocess and show it in the Main Parent Process

I have a Parent process and Several Subprocesses.
Based on condition evaluated, I call different Subprocesses.
Now I am using the Auto generated Overview page.
There i can see all the Documents that are associated with the Parent Process.
But I cant see any of the Documents associated with the Subprocess.

Delete a document not attached to a case

Hi there!

We have a situation in our process where the users upload the documents through a custom widget to bonita server and have the option to remove it i.e. exclude from the process instantiation.

My question is, how does bonita handle when the documents are uploaded but not attached to a case. Because, we do not wish to store the documents on the server which are not attached to any case.

Raji Malla

Show Document Name

My scenario is that I am using the Upload Widget to upload documents .
Now the Document type is Single. Only 1 document needs to be Uploaded.

Now I am showing the Document in the next task.
Here, I am using the Link widget to download the Document.

For a single Document type , I have a JavaScript variable and I return the value as
return "/bonita/portal/" + $data.context.attachedDoc_ref.url;

Can't add Document to Contract

I'm assuming I'm missing something obvious...

I've got some documents I've added to my pool. When I try to add one to the contract, I can see the documents and click finish but nothing happens. By nothing, I mean the window where you can click finish blinks for 1/4 second or so but stays there. The document isn't added to the contract.

Can someone walk me through how to add a document to a contract so it can be uploaded via form?



Accessing Doument Contract in bonita Script

I want to access document contract which i have created on step named "Step Upload" in example version 7.1.5-1.0.1 at link http://community.bonitasoft.com/project/file-upload-and-download-process... but its not working i am only trying to access contract using following code:

import org.bonitasoft.engine.bpm.contract.FileInputValue
import org.bonitasoft.engine.bpm.document.Document
import org.bonitasoft.engine.bpm.document.DocumentValue

Uploading file on Step in Bonita

Max Attachment Size doesnt work properly

In my application, there is file upload widget. Which works fine.
I want to restrict attaching files over 15MB.

According to the default configuration this should return error from server when I try to attache a file over 15MB. But I can attach them without any error.

However, When I try to attach file size of 31MB, then server returns an error.

Any idea?

N.B. : I am trying to attach jpg, png and pdf files.

Task is not assigned to next user if document is not uploaded

I have document upload field in form. If i upload document it is forward to next user if it is not uploaded the it is not assigned to next user. I need that if document is uploaded or not it must be forward to next user. how can i make it possible in Bonita BPM Community Edition Version : 7.3.1. I also want to know that how can i access document variable in script defined in document tab.

Error Document Download


I have a stage in my process where the document or file that is loaded in the first stage shown, should be able to be downloaded by clicking on automatically, however shows me an error that I could not solve, someone knows why this happens?