Drools connector in bonita, any assistance for version 7.0.1, any ways to process my rules in Bonita?

Hi, I am researching that whether I can access my rule file with bonita to a task, do I have to write a custom connector for that , or the available connector will help to do the same?

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Drools connector


There was a drools connector in Bonita 5.X. Is that a drools connector for Bonita 6.X ?

I find some sources here : http://svn.bonitasoft.org/bonita-connectors/trunk/drools/src/test/java/o... but I don't know if I can use this to create a new drools connector.

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Implémenter un connecteur Drools pour Bonita 6

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je cherche de la doc pour développer un connecteur Drools pour Bonita 6 (exigence du client).