JSON in dropdown list

Dropdown not showing data from BDM


I want to create a Dropdown, that Displays all the data from a Business Data ModelTable called "Customer".
I created a custom querry to get all the IDs (called getAllIDs):
SELECT persistenceId
FROM Customer

On my form I created a variable with the following external API:

In the Dropdown I selected then uses this vaiable in the "Available values" field and I enterd PERSISTENCEID as the "Displayed key".

But I'm still not getting any values!?

How to make cascading dropdowns with database values?

Hi all!

I want to add three cascading dropdowns in one of my forms. Each dropdown values are dependent to the one above it. The values are mapped in a mysql database.

Based on what I read, one possible approach is to use the HTML widget, manually code the dropdowns, and use jquery and ajax to handle the events/queries on each dropdown. I can then use bonita's rest API to pass the values from each dropdowns into predefined bonita variables which can be used in succeeding tasks/forms.